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We Leverage the Power of BRAIN Science to UNLOCK 100% Performance. 

We are a Boutique Consulting Firm


“When the tide goes out, you can see who’s naked”.~Warren Buffet

This is a new ERA of how we look at work post Pandemic

“The cadence of decision making is virtually unheard of,” says
Vestberg, who estimates that at least twice a day,
he has to make a call that he’ll be judged against
five years from now. From the beginning, his 10-
person team decided to address every issue
through a four-part prism with a specific
hierarchy: employees, then customers, then
society, and then, last and least, shareholders.

~ Randall Lane

Greater Capitalism – Forbes


We are Kolbe Certified, Predictive Index Certified and 100% Minority Owned


When Organizations see an opportunity for growth through strategic people investments to align their business goals with their talent we are the solution.

Human capital is the largest investment for any corporation and yet so many ignore the opportunities to really discover, develop and take full advantage of their most expensive line item in their budgets. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the power of brain science to get a full 360° of the talents, instinctive strengths, behavioral patterns, and thought processes of those on staff and the talent you plan to hire.

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