Meet Alicia Couri

CEO | Speaker | Author | Producer | Host


You are your greatest differentiator and asset to your business. Yet you hide in the shadows and blend in among the sea of your competition. It’s time for you to discover what makes you unique, what will draw your ideal client to you and boldly step out with a strong COR²E²™ to declare to the world “Here I AM”!



Once you have dialed in on who you are and what makes you the obvious choice to your ideal client, you are ready to package it with a look and style that represents you both online and offline. If you have ever wondered “are they getting it?”, wonder no more because your message and presentation will be congruent and will draw your ideal client to you.


Finding yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time can be a waste of time, money and can oftentimes lead to disaster. Let’s make sure you are positioning yourself for maximum impact to get the results you want to achieve and help your clients/customers get the very best, “YOU”.


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