Boost Your Brand In Media

Do you have logo envy? Have you seen other experts in your field with those “As Seen On TV” logos like ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and wonder…

How can I get on TV? How can I be a Guest Expert?
Who am I? Chop liver?
I want those logos to give me instant credibility in my business and to immediately be seen as an expert in my field.
Have you ever sat around wishing you would get that call from The Today Show that they need you to be a guest expert on their show?

Do you think it will cost you thousands in monthly retainers for a PR agent to get you there?

Well it could, if that was your only avenue, and honestly, that was the way many have gone in order to get publicity but it cost them big bucks!!!
But why spend all that money?

There’s another way!

The Red Carpet benefits of Celebritizing yourself?

  • More visibility
  • More speaking opportunities
  • Increases Credibility
  • Raises Authority
  • Ability to charge more money
  • Become Top of Mind
  • Be in more demand
  • Clients looking for you

The question you need to ask yourself is… Why get media exposure?
Dah – Because you will stand above your competition, you can charge more than them. Face it, the reality is… celebrities pull in the big bucks for product endorsements without having to do a thing.

It’s time for you to be the celebrity in your space!

During the Boost Your Brand in Media 6 Module Online Course we will activate the Blueprint for getting yourself booked in Television Media.

You will learn…


Module 1: Creating Your Celebrity Brand – Posture
Module 2: Creating Your Celebrity Brand – Presentation
Live Q&A at a scheduled day and time
Module 3: Creating Your Celebrity Brand: Positioning


Module 4: Building your Media Appearance
Live Q&A with Producer


Module 5: Positioning


Module 6: Go to Work/Live Roll Play


30 minute one on one Introductory call with Alicia
Unlimited Email Support during class
Private Facebook Group
1 – 15 min One On One Support during 1st Producer calls
30 Minute one on one debrief call at the end of the course to assess progress.

Standard Fee – $1497

Special Offer 


Until September 30, 2019

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