Strategic Talent Problem Solvers:

Building Audaciously Proactive Teams Where Every Person Takes 100% Ownership.

We are a Boutique Consulting Firm specializing in providing solutions to people problems in midsized organizations. Because all business problems are people problems which then turn into profit problems.

Clients Hire Us If/When they need solutions in…

  • Hiring – We have  a Predictive Hiring Systems for Proactive Teams
  • Onboarding  – We have a System for Onboarding Proactive Teams
  • Team Dysfunction – Team Synergy Building 
  • Ineffective Leaders – Creating Proactive Leaders at Every Level System
  • Subject Matter Expert in the Spotlight Training


When organizations see opportunities for growth & leadership development through strategic people investments to align their business goals with either the talent they currently have or are looking for, we are the solution.

Human capital is the largest investment for any corporation and yet so many CXO’s overlook the incredibly valuable opportunity to optimize that resource, to truly discover, develop and benefit greatly from their most expensive line item in their budgets. As a leader why not take full advantage of the power of brain science, behavioral science & analytics to get a complete picture of the talents, instinctive strengths, behavioral patterns, and thought processes of those under your employment and those you seek to hire to get the highest yielding return on your investment.


Right now we are offering these Resilience Workshops: As a leader, discover how to be at your best when facing adversity by effectively leveraging your strengths and the strengths of those in your organization.

Leading Through Change                                  Team Building Through Change

Please contact us to get more information on workshops for your leaders.

Our Services

Companies hire us when…

There are 5 main challenges a company or organization are dealing within this current climate… 

  • Conflict with executives who have different ideas how to move the business forward during this era of uncertainty.
  • Transition in the workforce, need to hire top talent or redesign the way work is done.
  • Managers without specific direction on how to lead their teams.
  • Teams needing to be Restructured.
  • Gaps in the hiring process, not finding the right people or top talent for the tasks that need to be done.


  • Sales & marketing now need more virtual delivery focus for many companies. Video is the best tool to engage your customers.
  • Your sales/marketing teams need video presentation coaching to create videos that close.

Services Provided

Once activated, our responsive tools give real-time solutions to address and allow you to make the right decisions using brain & behavioral science and data analytics to drive success. Aligning the talent to the work that needs to be done. No more guessing or waiting for problems to surface before investigating solutions. 

Design your organization the way Championship Sports Teams build their roster for success, using data and analytics.

Just-In-Time Team Redesign for Optimal Performance

  • Using the power of brain science and data to understand strengths, talents and best pathway to work to achieve your team’s goals. 
  • Leverage team strengths, understand blind spots to unlock 100% performance and productivity
  • Align team communication & collaboration to the team goals.

Just-In-Time Hiring Process Redesign for Optimal Candidate

  • Take the guesswork out of the hiring process and hire the right person, reduce turnover and streamline the process with ease and success
  • Get the right person in the right seats doing the right thing for success. 

Optimal Team Dynamics for Thriving in a Market Downturn

  • Clarify strategic goals and plans moving forward during this time and get the right players on the field to score the winning goal.