Your employees are your biggest investment. When it comes to hiring or forming teams within your organization, having an idea of how people will work together is a great asset. The Kolbe Index Assessment is based on scientific research and data and allows employers to gain and idea of the strengths of their employees. 


The Kolbe Assessment focuses on understanding and assessing the cognative mind. You might be more familiar with hearing about the cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) minds, but the conative mind is what focuses on your actions. It captures the subtle details that make up your workplace performance. Perhaps you prefer to be at a desk with lots of sticky notes and are coming up with new ideas all the time. Or, maybe you would rather have a file cabinet to keep all your papers organized instead of a bunch of sticky notes. These actions that we instinctively take in the workplace are what the Kolbe Assessment measures and the results dictate how to build the most effective teams. 


The four number result is not a score, hence there is no perfect set of numbers because it is just a reflection of your own habits. Each number relates to its own category; fact finder, follow thru, quick start, and implementor. None of the numbers are negative, they just show where you fall on the spectrum. These numbers can then be matched accordingly to other peoples numbers to build the strongest team. 


This not only leads to success but also builds confidence and increases productivity. Further leadership development training allows for your team leaders and executives to also gain a deeper understanding as to why investing in your employees is important. Especially as now employers are switching to a hybrid of working from home and going into the office, effective strategies need to implemented now as teams are rearranged and hiring is beginning again. 


Our company believes in using the tools we have available to help your business run at the highest level. In addition to being a certified Kolbe Index Certified ™ Consultant, Alicia Couri is also an empowerment speaker who works with employers to re-engage their employees. Our leadership workshops are another step towards building confidence and achieving top performance in the workplace.