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There is a responsibility that comes along with influence. If you have influence, it means that people are looking to you for leadership. On today’s podcast, TeeJ Mercer joins Alicia Couri to talk about leadership. A reluctant leader, TeeJ eased into the role by learning how to be led. TeeJ is the Chief NoiseMaker of the Media Mavericks Academy. Nicknamed “The Walking Exclamation Point,” TeeJ has spent over two decades influencing the lives of millions through her storytelling for both behind and in front of the camera.

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Leading By Knowing How To Be Led With TeeJ Mercer

The excitement is up here because I have with me, Greatness in Action. That is how we are to introduce you from now on. I took notes and I wrote it down. I have you here with me.

We can’t just leave it there. We got to explain that because they’ll be like, “Who the heck she thinks she is?”

When you learn about this incredible woman’s bio, you will know how she is impacting the world and how she is leaving a legacy. TeeJ Mercer is an award-winning TV editor, a four-time author, international speaker, media coach, and storyteller. As the Chief NoiseMaker of the Media Mavericks Academy, TeeJ uses her expertise as a 25-year Hollywood veteran to coach her Mavericks how to unapologetically rock their own genius on networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, and on shows like The Steve Harvey Show, The Doctors, and Dr. Oz.

TeeJ’s Mavericks have also displayed authority on MSNBC, CNBC, The Washington Business Journal, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Working Woman, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, and hundreds of radio shows, podcasts, and a whole lot more. TeeJ has produced projects for box office icons like Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in Night School, as well as the billion-dollar behemoth, Samuel L. Jackson in Shaft. Not to mention Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia, The Incredibles, Cars, Princess Diaries, Cinderella and owns Emmy Award-Winning show, Home Made Simple with Laila Ali.

When the world shut down in the pandemic, a lot of us were trying to figure out what to do. TeeJ revived a lifeless old game like bingo and transformed it into a party right from the computer screen. What started off as a one night, ten games for $100, and a few friends quickly exploded into a frenzy of fun among hundreds of players, young and old, earning her the new moniker, the Bingo Boss. With a mission to make God’s smile and be somebody’s answered prayer, TeeJ wakes up every day committed to love on God’s kids by living up to her moniker, the World’s Greatest Hugger. Now we have this new moniker, Greatness in Action.

The explanation is I collect monikers. Somebody is always calling me something. I have this running joke on Facebook that every time somebody calls me something new, I’m like, “For the next two days, I am not going to answer to TeeJ. I’m going to answer to whatever it is.” Alicia was on when somebody called me Greatness in Action, so that’s not self-imposed. That is what people say about me. People might think like, “She is feeling herself.”

This is the Audacious Confidence show so why not be audacious and say, “I am Greatness in Action.” I admire that you took the experience that you had working as a producer in Hollywood and turned it into something to shine a light on other people, to help them elevate and explode in their own potential in their leadership. What made that shift for you leaving television?

It is not deep, Alicia. I am unapologetically Jesus freak. There’s no fantastic story. It was God who told me it was time to leave. It’s that simple. Chew the meat and spit out the bones, but in order for me to be audaciously confident, I got to be honest about my faith. After spending that long in television and God saying, “I have more for you to do. It’s time for you to walk away,” it was hard and difficult but it also was a no-brainer because if nothing else, I’m obedient. I don’t have a fantastic story that I was tired of my career and there was more for me and I was tired of going to work every day. That’s not my story.

My story was I loved my career and He had to drag me out of my career to do the new thing that He was calling me to do. Sorry if it disappoints. I don’t have a fantastic story about why I walked away from TV. On most days, I’m like, “Can I go back?” I will say though that being a woman of faith, what was on the other side of my obedience far surpassed what I could have imagined for myself. I went to Howard University, which is the dopest HBCU, Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Wakanda Forever, Mr. Chad Boseman. May he rest in peace.

What happened was out of that bingo, I ended up taking all my skills and producing an epic series of bingo for the 2020 grads of HBCUs. In less than four weeks, we raised over $1 million in cash and prizes. When I say what’s on the other side of me being obedient, that’s the kind of thing that I’m having. This Bingo Boss lane I’m in is exploding like I got my first check that somebody is paying me to host a bingo game.

That’s when you know you had nothing to do with that.

I’m like, “Somebody is paying me to play bingo?” I was like, “What?” Walking away was difficult but on the other side of it was something.

There was glory on the side of it. You know when you have to be obedient to do that, that’s what opens the doors for you. We met on the set of CBS in New Orleans. You had just written a book and you were promoting your Media Mavericks. That’s how we connected and I’ve been getting your emails ever since. I’ve been watching all your moves ever since. Media Mavericks has exploded. How do you see this role of leaders getting on TV help you in your leadership role?

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Media, in general, positions you as an expert but there’s nothing like TV. When you can put it on your website, “As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox,” that automatically ups your credibility and the way people view you. I don’t necessarily have my bio read for the sake of impressing people. It is for the sake of understanding who you have in front of you. Once you hear my street cred, I come in already once your mind is open to who I am so then when I’m coming to love on you and pour on you, you can trust, “I need to listen to what she has to say.” That is the same thing no matter what lane you are in. The minute a potential client or potential customer goes to your website and sees that it’s, “As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox,” your credibility has already gone up.

If it comes down between you and your competitor that doesn’t have that, who do you think they’re going to choose? The other thing is my mantra for Media Mavericks Academy is, “When you know you are the answer to someone’s prayer or you have the solution to someone’s problem, you have a responsibility to make some noise.” As a leader in your field, I’m not interested in you being the best-kept secret. Who is that serving? It’s not about you. Get out there and make some noise about how you help people, especially in this pandemic.

It is our responsibility because I also believe, and you tell me if you believe this, too, that we have certain people that we have to impact. We have been given a mission and there are some people that I will impact that may not come across you, but they’re in my circle. They’ve been led into my circle for me to make an impact on them, and for me to be an answer to their prayers that they may never know who TeeJ Mercer is, but they know who I am. I have a responsibility to those people to serve them in the way that they need to elevate themselves.

What I know for sure and what I’m only concerned about is loving the people that God assigns to me. I’m not concerned about nobody else’s people. The people who follow me are into all of this extra that I give. My mother can’t stand listening to me and she has told me flat out, “You get on my nerves. You’re excited about everything.” I am for my mother, but for the fact that I’m a kid and she let me post up in her uterus for nine months and she can’t take all of this.

Sometimes, my kids tell me I’m too much. They’re like, “You’re too much, mom.”

For me, I know that the people who God wants me to serve are coming into my orbit and they’re drawn to me. They get joy off of having me on their newsfeed because I’m a nut. If you follow me on social media, I’m full of shenanigans. The people who stay around, they look forward to my shenanigans so I’m not interested in people that I’m not called to serve. I got confident. I’ve got enough on my plate trying to serve the people that love me.

You’re already called to. I totally agree with that and I totally believe that. This idea of competition between us because I’m taking from you. It’s like, “No, I can’t take from you because you have who you need to serve and I have who I need to serve. There’s no competition within that because people who love you might not even stand me and vice versa.” This idea that we have to be this one size fits all kind of leadership. That doesn’t ring true either. There are many different types of leaders and many different ways that people influence others. What would you say have been your biggest mistake when stepping into a leadership role? Did it affect your confidence? How did you recover from that?

I don’t make mistakes. I’m perfect. Let’s start there. In order for me to answer it, I’ve got to give you the real. I never wanted to be nobody’s leader. I still don’t. I’m not that chick. When I was working in Hollywood, I loved being on a team. I love not having the buck stopping with me. I always think about one person who came to mind, Julia Winston, when I first started doing lives on Periscope back in the day. When I first started it, I would have people talk about me being a leader. I was like, “You can’t define me as a leader. I’m just TeeJ that has people that are rocking with me, but we all are the same.”

It took years for people and me realizing that I have influence. There’s a responsibility that comes along with that influence. If I have influence, that means that people are looking to me for leadership. I fully embrace that I am a leader, probably at the top of 2020 because God gave me my life assignment and it’s something that I do want to lead. I do want to do it. What that taught me is that all of these other years, there was nothing that I was passionate about that I wanted it to take point, implement this, and innovate this.

I am the proud leader of this thing that God is having me build. With all of that said, to your question of mistakes, it’s hard for me to even say I’ve made mistakes because I like their lessons, “I didn’t get that right. I didn’t get this. We’re going to pivot and do this. We’re going to pivot and do that.” Honestly, I can’t think of any mistake because I feel like a mistake is something you don’t recover from necessarily. I’ve recovered from everything and learned from it, so nothing stands out like that thing, “I can’t believe I did that.” It’s growing pains. It’s growth, so I can’t say it’s a mistake.

We build from one thing on to the next. We keep building on the lessons that we learned from things. Maybe it worked or maybe it didn’t work. We’ll figure out how it didn’t work and we’re going to tackle it from the other side.

It comes along with the job. It’s growth. Here, you have a person and she didn’t want to be a leader, and now she’s a leader. Maybe I haven’t been a leader long enough to say that I made mistakes. For me, it’s all been, “That’s how you do that. I’ll know that for next time.” Even with the bingo, I was the Bingo Boss. I was the leader and I had no problem telling them because we did this thing in less than four weeks so there was not a lot of time. To give you perspective, I ended up taking on that like I produced a live TV show. The first Saturday, we played for four hours. The next Saturday, we played for six hours. The third Saturday, we played for seven hours. The final night, the finale, we played for nine hours straight.

That included celebrity, Poppins, and all other kinds of games in between the bingo games. It was all of these moving parts that I had never done before. My bingo squad, I told them upfront, “If you all are volunteering, you need to understand that I’ve never done something of this magnitude. If you’re the type that’s going to need to know the plan, this is not the ride you want to be on. This is a plane that was taking off and we’re going to keep building the plane as we fly it.”

LAC TeeJ | How To Be Led

How To Be Led: A leader has a responsibility to the people to serve them in the way that they need to elevate themselves.


Like monkeys in Madagascar.

I told them on the first meeting, “At some point, I’m going to have to look behind me and go, ‘Who got the wheel because it’s time to land. Does anybody got the wing flap because we got to land this thing?’” That’s how I approached it. Did we learn things? Yes. Did we think that didn’t go how we thought they were going to go? Yeah, but I never looked at it as a mistake. It was like, “That didn’t work. We will do that next week.” Maybe that’s just me being naive but that has been my approach.

It is working, it is exploding, and it’s blessing many people. Did you always have this real sense of confidence that you approach life with?

Yes and no. I’ve always been confident in the God in me, not in the skills that I have. Everybody has those moments where you feel like an imposter, “They’re going to find out what the heck I’m doing. I just took this show and they are going to find out. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m going to keep showing up every day and I’m going to smile and love on people. Maybe that will convince them. I don’t know.”

It was a growing process. It has been this growth. I remember I had been an editor for so long and someone came to me with an opportunity to be the behind the scenes producer for Night School with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. I was like, “You want me?” They’re like, “Yes, we want you.” I’m like, “Why?” I’m all set going, “These people don’t think about I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. What in the world were we thinking?”

After that, I did a good enough job that Warner Bros. tapped me and they’re like, “We want you to live in Atlanta for 2.5 months because we want you on Shaft with Sam Jackson.” I’m like, “Why do you want me?” By the time I finished, my confidence had grown. All of those skills are now being translated to what we’re building with the Bingo Boss. It’s one of those things that no, but I’ve always been confident if God assigned me. He thinks I’m qualified. I don’t buy into that phrase, “He doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the call.” For me, I was born qualified.

He equips you. Doesn’t the word say that to you?

He takes me through the journey for me to get the tools to live up to the qualifications but I had to grow into this. I was born to be who I am. I was born to be this. I had to go through the journey and get the skillset to get to this point.

I heard that you’re going to be speaking on the TED stage. What is your topic of discussion on the TED Talk?

That’s a Good Bingo. That’s the name of the talk and the subtitle is Use What’s In Your Hand.

The whole idea behind that is using the gifts and talents.

When the pandemic started, the first thing I saw was that parents were freaking out because remember, all of a sudden, schools are closing. I went to God and I was like, “I don’t know what I should be praying for but can you use me to help them? Show me, is there anything that I can do?” The first thing He told me was, “I need you to read to kids.” I started storytime with Auntie TeeJ. I went live every weekday at 2:00 PM Eastern. I sat there for 30 to 45 minutes and entertain kids to give parents a break. I called the kids my crumb snatchers.

I come to find out. I had as many adult crumb snatchers take their kid every day as I had the kiddos. You should go find somewhere where on my first day, nobody told me that you should not start out doing storytime trying to read Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks out loud. That’s something you need to work your way through. You need to practice that out loud because I had gone over it in my head but I read it aloud for the first time when I went live. That thing was hysterical but they kept coming back. I guess it was okay. It was like, “Dr. Seuss is high. What was he thinking?”

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I think he was when he was writing most of his books.

For me, that’s the shape of the TED Talk. The things that I created in helping people to see. I wasn’t looking outside of myself. I wasn’t outside feeding the homeless or the front liners, that isn’t what I’m called to do. I am called to sit behind a computer and entertain parents who are stressed out. I would get many lovely pictures of the parents telling me, “I was able to go take a shower for that half an hour.” I know they are glued to the screen with you. They’re not distracted.

They are watching you.

I could make that less than because I’m not curing cancer. I don’t have a cure for COVID.

You are on the front line because you’re helping. You’re doing your part. That’s leadership too. I firmly believe that we’re not all called to do everything. We have to find our specific niche in what we do. Like you, we pre-recorded storytime for our kids at church because they weren’t coming to church anymore. I read four books that we’re making videos for the kids. We did a live story time. We’ve been doing lessons. I go in there and I do the lessons and I read and they put it up on YouTube for the kids. That’s part of my contribution. You find your place in what you’re doing. Look inside yourself and then ask God, “How can we use this? How can I turn this into a benefit for someone else?” That is incredible. I also started Small Business Saturday shout outs for small businesses. If they’re struggling, come get a shout out, talk about your business, and then use that to promote yourself. Everyone has something. Discover what your thing is.

Use what’s in your hand.

I love that you’re confident in the God in you, not always in what you have to do. A lot of times, we don’t have that. I wasn’t confident in me. I found the Lord in my late-twenties. All before then, I was not confident in myself or in Him who was in me. That has changed a lot. Working on movies and television and everything, with Ellen going through what they went through, have you had any of that experience behind the scenes where it’s been a toxic work environment or you’ve been blessed to be in a great working environment?

The TMZ show has come out where it’s a toxic work environment. I posted that I had two executive producers in my 25 years that tried yelling thing with me one time. That’s all it took. I shut that down. If I’ve been in a toxic work environment, I didn’t realize it because I’m also the type like I was in Hollywood, but I wasn’t of Hollywood. People would come into my edit bay to escape what was going on around. My edit bay was Zen. I’m the type of person that draws people to me to the point like, “You got to go because I got work to do.” I stayed out of that madness.

I could have been in a toxic work environment, but oblivious to it because I don’t allow that flow around me. When the toxic people would come into my room, they knew how I got down. I can’t say I’ve experienced that. I will say that the only time I’ve ever experienced having to deal with the inward was on the show that was under the umbrella of our President. What does that tell you? In 25 years, that is the only time I had to attack dealing with the N-word on the show. Other than that, I haven’t had things where I can say I’ve been in a toxic work environment.

Your passion is storytelling. Is that why you are an editor?

I’ve been telling stories since I was little. My stories would be so good that people were asking my mother, “Is she telling the truth?” It was natural. It doesn’t surprise anybody who’s known me since I was a kid. Hollywood was my career of choice. I was having a conversation with my best friend and I was thankful that I’m a little country girl from Jackson, Tennessee. I get to say that millions of people have watched my stories in some shape, form or fashion. Whether they watch my shows, watch me live, watch me on TV or watch me on stage, I make a living running my mouth and telling stories. It was a natural progression to come out of Hollywood and then be a speaker.

I have what I call the League of Extraordinary Storytellers. It’s a program where I teach people how to deliver their keynotes and stories. If you want to see me get excited, you let me sit in a chair and coach people on telling their stories. It was a natural progression that took me from being a kid that I was always telling stories, to getting paid telling stories in television for 25 years. I tell stories live and from the stage. I got nothing to complain about. Life is good.

You said something how you or one of the other ladies that said your audience tells you what it is they need from you. Since I’ve been on CBS, NBC, ABC and I’ve been doing that work appearing on TV, I’ve had a lot of people been asking me about it. Coaching them into that is something that I’m moving into because they keep asking. I keep running away from it. My own insecurity was, “I haven’t been in television in my whole career. I don’t know the back workings.” They’re like, “You’ve done it. You can teach us how to do it because you’ve done it.”

LAC TeeJ | How To Be Led

How To Be Led: Find your place in what you’re doing. Look inside yourself and ask God, “How can I use this and turn this into a benefit for someone else?”


Both of my key brands, the Media Mavericks Academy, it was started because somebody told me, “This is what you’re going to start teaching people.” She was like, “I’m going to go on Facebook right now and I’m going to tell people that you’re coming out with this wonderful program and showing people how to get on TV.” She did it. I was like, “I can’t make my girl a liar.” That’s how the first one started because she told me that this is what people want from me.

The League of Extraordinary Storytellers started because I was doing a TV show with a bunch of ladies who were telling their stories. Because they had such powerful stories, the gift in me was like, “Do you mind if I give you a feedback or coach?” That was the second time. The first time, I was on a program with Cookie Johnson. We were both speaking at the same live event. Magic Johnson’s wife, she had come out with the book of telling their story. I’m sitting there. I was the closing speaker. I’m listening to her tell this story. I’m rocking in my seat going, “This could be so much more powerful if she did this.”

You were reconstructing her whole speech while she’s saying it.

Fortunately, she didn’t bounce. She heard me speak because I was the closer. Afterward, she came to me and asked me, “Do you coach people on how to tell their story? I need help. You’re the person to do it.” She was my first client in the storytelling realm. When I did that TV show with those young ladies, they cornered me. I am not exaggerating for sake of the story. They cornered me and was like, “We need you to figure out how we can come to LA and spend three days with you. Tell us how to tell our stories.” By the end of that weekend, I had created and they had paid their money, a four-digit investment, to then come to LA and coach with me. I’m a big believer of listen to the people your call to serve because they will tell you what they need from you.

God puts you in certain places so you can learn what it is you need to learn. You can teach it when they’re ready for it. I didn’t go on TV with any intention of ever teaching anybody how to do it, but that’s what people started asking. I kept saying, “No, that’s not what I do.” They kept coming back and I push them and they kept coming back. I am working on answering that call. It’s like, “What else they’re going to do? They keep asking me.” I’ve tried to push them in other directions and they keep coming back to me. That’s why I firmly believe that there are certain people that you were called to serve no matter how much you run away from them.

I’m like Jonah in Nineveh. The whale is coming to get you and will spit you back out right there where you need to be. When you’re talking about that, you confirmed that. I’m like, “People keep asking me for that so I got to figure it out.” The League of Extraordinary Storytellers, if you want to get coached in how to tell your story, especially leaders, people who are influencers and thought leaders, you need to connect with Auntie TeeJ if you resonate with her and her excitement, and you want to be that storyteller that engages and impact people. You’re new to this whole leadership thing because it’s something that you’ve not associated yourself with. What would be your advice to the next generation or the younger generation about leadership and stepping into that for themselves?

Don’t overthink it and realize that it isn’t about you. The people who have followed me for years, they know I mean this. I wake up every day asking God how to be a SAP, Somebody’s Answered Prayer. The way I show up to do that changes. I show up sometimes as the Media Maverick. I show up sometimes as the head of the League of Extraordinary Storytellers. I show up as the Bingo Boss. I show up as the Bible Storyteller.

I went live every day teaching God’s word for an hour and fifteen. I was studying 6 and 7 hours a day of God’s Word. For that season, God used me to be an answered prayer for that particular segment of people, but it doesn’t change that my whole purpose is to love on God’s kids. That is the purpose for my life, love on my kids. If it requires me to be a leader, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not overthinking it. I am obedient. If it requires me to be a leader to step out, that’s what I’m going to do. At the end of the day, it isn’t about me.

I love you so much, TeeJ.

I love you, too.

Now that you’re stepping into all this greatness and action, I know that you don’t have the next plan. What is the next big thing? It evolves out of you.

I am a big proponent of surprises. That’s why the bingo game was epic because I love surprising people. My daddy God loves surprising me. Any given day, he’ll send a text that changes the game for me. I got a text that I’m like, “That’s what we’re going to do? Okay.” I can’t say what I think is happening because he moved me from LA to Atlanta to produce and host the TV show for HBCU students. I got here and a week later, we had the pandemic and the world stopped. That’s what caused the pivot. What he began to show me is like, “The plan hadn’t changed. It’s the method of how I’m getting you there.” I do know that my next has to do with HBCU and expanding the HBCU Bingo. I have a meeting with a TV network to talk about how that expansion can perhaps look. As far as going in with a plan and saying, “I want this to happen. We’re going to do this and we’re going to do that.”

You’re an open vessel.

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I can’t speak for everybody else. That has never been how God gets down with his TeeJ. He’ll open a door and say, “Walk through this door.” He’ll close the door and say, “Stay here in the hallway. I need to speak with you. I need to get to your heart. There are some things I need to purge in you. There are some things I need to prune in you. I need you to stay in the hallway. When the time is right and when I feel like you’re ready for the next opportunity, then I’m going to open that door and you’re going to walk through that.” People talk about life plan. I don’t have a life plan. It’s what we’re doing.

You’re an open vessel, “Just use me.” That’s you. I can sit here all day and talk to you, but we don’t have all day. Do you have any advice or last words for anyone who is maybe struggling with their confidence a little bit and needs that extra B12 shot?

I teach my people all the time to START. It is an acronym, Stop Talking And Roll Tenaciously. You can sit there and plan your way and strategize your way out of starting, because you need perfection. You need to know what’s going to happen if this happened? What’s going to happen if that happened? While you’re second-guessing yourself, people are hurting. People are hurting because you’re withholding their solution because you’re too busy trying to make sure you cross every T and dot every I. Am I saying, “Don’t operate with excellence?” No, but operate with excellence without perfection.

A lot of people start taking courses and classes and even get on TV, and never pull the trigger and get there.

I get that all the time. Somebody asked me and she was like, “Should I go now and go back to the program?” Yeah, you’ve been having it but you didn’t use it.

I was listening to her and I’m like, “This is your time to shine. You can speak on many levels of what’s happening with the police shootings.” I was off-camera but I was listening.

I give the full grace of knowing that God will get them there when the time is right. They’ll get there when the time is right. I have people all the time going, “I want to do media but God told me I’m supposed to be around you. I’m going to enroll in your program so I can stay around you and show up when you do Q and As.” I have several people who have done that. Three years later, they finally started doing their first Facebook Live. However, you get there to do God’s will for your life is fine with me.

You can hang around. We will keep you around. Good luck. I know you don’t need the luck. I know you don’t need it because you’re going to completely blow everybody away with your TED Talk. I can’t wait to experience it because I know it’s going to be an experience when it goes live. Thank you so much for making the time to be here with me and sharing your audaciously confident self.

Thank you for letting me come play.

Take care, TeeJ.

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If you are a heart-centered Author, Expert, Speaker, Coach or Entrepreneur who wants massive media exposure, wants to crush your interviews, or wants to learn how to take an audience on a journey with you, then you might want to get some TeeJ in your life.


I woke one morning and realized that God hadn’t given me this gift of storytelling and allowed me to spend over 20 years touching millions by mastering it, only to keep it to myself. Now, I’m going for touching A BILLION! The more people with whom I share my gift, the more people we serve, impact, and influence.

SPECIALITIES: Speaking, Media Coaching, Storytelling, World’s Greatest Hugger

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