The COVID19 pandemic put a significant strain on most businesses as they were unexpectedly forced to work remotely. This lack of preparation or ability to plan created a unique time period where there was little direction on how to perform ones jobs effectively. Many employees rose to the occasion while others felt left behind. There was a significant lack of direction and expectations on how to perform ones job. This is a less than ideal way to run any business, but was nevertheless unavoidable.

Are you beginning to notice disengaged employees? It is likely due to this period of time where employees didn’t know how to perform their jobs well. Lack of direction, planning, or clear goals and expectations often creates disengaged employees. However, as the world begins to slowly reopen and employees return to the office now is the best time to reset clear expectations and position guidelines. 

If you are like most employers right now you are overwhelmed with budgets, debts, disengaged employees, and floundering on the best way to regain traction and efficiency in your business. Alicia Couri has the solutions you have been looking for. Alicia is an expert at training teams to work together in the most profitable and cohesive way possible. Having an effective staff starts with having effective leadership. During these uncertain times, many leaders have felt ill-equipped to best advise and lead their staff. Alicia Couri understands these struggles and is proactively helping companies just like yours get back on track! If you are tired of feeling that your lack of efficient leadership is causing disengaged employees we would like to discuss with you the best options available. We work with you to develop a strategy to help resolve your pain points and to get you back to where your business needs to be.