Alicia Couri is proud to offer high quality corporate leadership training for a variety of different companies nationwide. There is no question that the COVID19 pandemic was devastating to most companies big and small. Corporations were forced to figure out how to immediately have their entire staff work remotely and without preparation. It was a devastating year both financially and emotionally to say the least. However, now that the world has slowly but surely begun to reopen it is time to start exploring how to regain efficiency in the new and improved workplace.

It is easy to focus on the negative impacts that the COVID19 pandemic has had on businesses and people’s lives as a whole. However, there have been a few positive things that have been born out of necessity. Flexible schedules and remote offices have been both a blessing and a curse to many families. If your corporation is considering maintaining the remote workplace it is extremely important that you consider how you will maintain your corporate leadership structure and what that looks like while working remotely. This is where corporate leadership training can come into play. We can help regain efficiency within your team and help develop this new dynamic so that the new structure flows smoothly. 

If your corporation has decided that remote office work is no longer on the table and that it is time to get everyone back in office it is important that you realize this idea simply looks and feels differently now. Having socially distanced for close to a year and a half has changed human interaction and the dynamics that exist between individuals when interacting in person. This is another important place for corporate leadership training as we reevaluate the company’s needs as employees begin to safely return to the workplace. 

Whatever your corporation’s decision may be about returning to work, Alicia Couri is happy to help customize a leadership program that makes sense for your team. Feel free to reach out at anytime for a consultation to discuss what makes most sense for your company.