We are all born with our natural problem solving skills. We all handle life situations differently and we all thrive best in different types of environments. The Kolbe Assessment helps us figure out exactly what these environments are. This “instinct test” allows us to increase our sense of self-worth and fulfillment as individuals in both our home life and our professional life. As business owners, managers, and supervisors this allows us to put the right people in the right positions. 

What the Kolbe Assessment is not is it is not an intelligence test. This assessment should not used for the purpose of determining how smart an individual is or to compare levels of intelligence. The Kolbe Assessment should not be used to test for different personalities. This assessment is also not a social style quiz. It is important that you use the assessment properly so that you can gain the proper benefits of the results. 

The Kolbe Assessment should be used to find the instinctive ways in which you or your employees take action when you strive. The results of this assessment will increase productivity because you will naturally have the right people in the right places. This will decrease overall company stress levels, as people are less likely to feel stressed in the workplace when they feel they are comfortable and successful in their roles. Overall, this improves employee work satisfaction and happiness. 

Having the right people in the right roles will make all the difference in the success and productivity of your company. The long-term benefits of the Kolbe Assessment are sure to save you time and money but more importantly improve everyone’s sense of happiness and well being. Alicia Couri is able to help you implement these assessments and formulate a strategy to help get your staff back on the right track.